2016 Medical Mission, Feb. 7-12 in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

In just six days, our surgeons performed a total of 74 surgeries, 37 cleft lip surgeries and 37 cleft palate repairs. Our dentists worked with 17 patients, removing a total of 59 teeth. We sponsored 5 children to attend school through our new Education Fund. And our entire volunteer team brought laughter, smiles, and joy to countless children through outreach in the community.

"I feel so honored and very proud to be a part of the 2016 Mending Faces Mission in Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines," said Dr. Arnold Ibarreta Jayme, 2015 President of the Rotary Club of Kalibo, currently the only pediatric lung specialist in the Kalibo, and longtime Mending Faces volunteer. "I volunteered my services and saw the lives of many children change for the better, and at the same time meeting so many new friends from all over the world!"