Fiona Gettelman

For my Bat Mitzvah, rather than ask for gifts, I chose to request donations. I chose Mending Faces because of three connections I have. The first is my cousin, Beatrice, who was born with a cleft pallet and lip. Though she would not have qualified for this program, our other family friend Will would have. He was born in China with a cleft lip and pallet and was in an orphanage. Will received the basic cleft palate surgery when he was younger but once adopted by our friends needed more advanced surgeries to fully correct it. My third connection is our friend, Jeff Swail, who volunteers every year to go to the Philippines to perform cleft palate surgeries with Mending Faces. I hope that instead of giving me a gift for my Bat Mitzvah you consider a donation to this amazing organization so that they can help kids like my cousin Beatrice and our friend Will lead happy, healthy and normal lives without having to worry about their cleft lip or pallet.  

Please donate HERE and in the comment/notes section write "Fiona". For any questions email Maya Brook at:

Thank you!